Marmaris Turtle Beach (Everday)

Adult: $23 12+

Children: $11 7-12

Infant: $0 0-6

      Marmaris Turtle beach is 80 kilometers souteast of Marmaris, is a very popular holiday destination for local and holidaymakers.Marmaris dalyan, with reed channel rivers, Caunos rock tombs and ancient city ruins, mud bath and thermal resources along with the Caretta Caretta turtles is a very famous as for the breeding area.Marmaris Turtle Beach and Dalyan one of the places recommended for holidaymakers. Marmaris Dalyan and Turtle beach is one of the must-see places in Marmaris with its magnificent natural beauties.Marmaris Dalyan is also a famous holiday resort around the world. Iztuzu beach, caretta caretta sea turtles, mud baths, rock tombs and the ancient city of Caunos offers beautiful facilities to visitors.

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